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Functional Elastomer

Functional Elastomer

The functional elastomer division is driving customer success throughout the region with unique & premium products. We begin by listening deeply to the needs of our customers. Armed with an intense culture to challenge ourselves, our R&D team is always on the hunt to innovate & develop solutions for them. By leveraging on our long-established network of global partners, we endeavour to

make a difference to our customers each time, every time. Our strengths are also derived from our strategic partnerships with our material suppliers. Collectively, we constantly seek to exceed our customers’ expectations by tooling up and providing samples to them at unbelievably short notices. Our technical competencies and process technologies include:

  • Compression Moulding
  • Transfer Moulding
  • Hybrid Injection Moulding

The parts that we sell serve a broad range of applications.

  • Consumer & Industrial
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Lifestyle & Retail
  • Data Storage

We are always positioned to meet the challenges & needs of our customers in tomorrow’s world.