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Our Technology

We have flexibly responded to upgraded and diversified needs in the niche market like the industrial brush. Our developed high function brushes are made by the combination of material properties.

Area of Business

Area of Business



Function & Application
Seal & Fill Gaps

  • Flexible fibers freely transform to fit to uneven space, and rarely obstruct sliding member. So, this brush tightly seal against powder, liquid, and gas. So, this brush tightly seal against powder, liquid, and gas.
Wipe Off

  • High density microfibers effectively wipe off surface dust. Static makes dust cling to surface, but special conductive fiber helps to remove static and dust together.
Remove Static

  • The static brush induces static electricity leak by the contact of fine conductive fibers from charged surface caused by friction and others. Furthermore, as many thin conductive fiber get closer to charged surface, the air around fibers is ionized and the reverse charges are attracted to charged surface. The charged surface is also neutralized by this corona discharge. This phenomenon removes statics softly on charged surface without severe damage.
Shock Absorb

  • Fiber flexibility and product shape effect the capacity to absorb physical impact. Our product protects surface from scratches and damages, as well as absorbs noise.