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EMI / Conductive Materials

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can originate from inherent or man-made sources such as the Sun, power lines, motors and snow storms. EMI can prevent electrical circuits from operating optimally and hence EMI shielding is essential. Shielding issues are commonly encountered by design engineers; Glocom can provide a comprehensive solution to meet your EMI challenges. From the widest selection of EMI gaskets, Shielded windows, conductive compounds, Glocom EMI shielding products deliver reliable, high quality and exceptional performance. In response to the ecological impact of the Electronic Industry and predicting trends for future environmentally safe policies, Glocom is able to offer environmental friendly gaskets that are not only ROHS and Reach approved as well as Halogen free options.

Non EMI / Mesh / Electroform Logos

Using the best machines and equipment available, our Production Lines are well equipped to process high complexity products and provide high volumes of output. We can also supply high quality die cut parts for various applications including lamination process whereby multiple layers are a necessity to meet current demands. To meet the market’s demands, with years of experience, we are able to achieve our own solutions for increased output and better tolerances. This resulted in excellent quality and less complaints.

Ferrites / Magnetics & Inductors

Glocom supplies high quality Coils and Inductors, SMD wire wound chip open-type Inductors, SMT Power Inductor, Ferrite cores, SMD Ferrite Chip Beads etc. We specialize in producing and marketing various types of Electronic components for different applications – computers, TV/VTR, Office Automation Equipment, Medical equipment and Telecommunication products. We are equipped to design new products with the latest technology providing the highest level of service and high quality products to our customers.

Functional Elastomer

The functional elastomer division is driving customer success throughout the region with unique & premium products. We begin by listening deeply to the needs of our customers.

Textile & Brushes

Glocom is able to deliver a wide variety of textiles & brushes. Our Products cater to a diverse group of differing industries.

Precision Die Cut / Form in Place Gasket (FIPG)

Gaskets can be easily overlooked when it comes to design and manufacture of many mechanical components. They may be a simple convenient seal to keep out contaminants, but nevertheless they are critical to the function and long term reliability of the end product. In some cases they may have to withstand very high or low temperatures, large thermal cycles and be resistant to chemicals and other harsh environmental conditions. For maintenance purposes they are often required to allow for removal and frequent all the while retaining their flexibility and the ability to form an effective seal. Major delays can be caused in the production process while the gasket is placed and held in position prior to applying any mechanical fixings. If not correctly positioned the gasket will often fail to provide a seal and result in costly product failure and reworking. To overcome these production problems many process engineers are turning to FIPG gaskets for a fast, cost effective alternative to the traditional pre-cut gasket.

Thermal Management

It is widely recognized in the electronics industry that thermal interface materials (TIM) are crucial in maintaining reasonable life and reliability of most heat generating electronic components. As electronic components require increasing watt densities, Glocom’s line of high performance TIM can provide Design Engineers with solutions to thermal management problems. We offer a wide range of thermal performance and physical properties, and can resolve even the most challenging thermal problems.

Shieldex® Copper Tape

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